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This is What Coping Looks Like

There’s a couple I grew up with, Trevor and Jeri Ann. He and I were in show choir from middle school on. I remember him telling me on one of our trips that he was “going out” with Jeri Ann. Fast-forward to adulthood and Jeri Ann has worked with Muscato longer than I’ve known him. Tragedy struck their family Friday…

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Cleaning Up Self-Doubt Sewage

If you’re like me, you have moments (or days or weeks) when you feel like crap about your parenting abilities. Spearheaded by self-doubt, its inner dialogue harps worse than you nag your kids. It sounds a little something like this: Was I too strict, was I too lenient, I shouldn’t have said that, I didn’t respond well, I didn’t engage enough, I was on my phone too much, I don’t […]

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