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Parenting Decisions – His & Hers

In talking with others, I’m seeing a trend in a primary reference point men use in making parenting decisions: Their childhoods. Experiences that yielded what guys consider to be “good outcomes” is what they lean on for parenting decisions. Even men with hard childhoods use their upbringing as a reference point of what not to do. Women include their childhoods in their parenting approach, but it isn’t their main consideration. […]

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Staying Afloat in This Sea of Life

It happened again yesterday. Something that was frequent as a young adult, but has lessened over time. I was in a situation where I felt emotionally unsafe, and all I wanted to do in response? Was go home and hang out with my son. He’s only two, so obviously, as a young adult, it wasn’t my son I was running to. Back in my college days, I wanted to retreat […]

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