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Same Site, Whole New Look!

Greetings Commode To Joyers, Great news! CTJ has a whole new look (if you didn’t already gather that from the title). Previously it looked like a stay at home mom created it in her kitchen…which is exactly how it happened. I decided it time to hire a professional, and I’m so glad I did. In the process of switching to a self-hosted site, registering my domain with a different company, […]

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Home Cooking Never Felt Better

Years ago, after completing my undergraduate degree, I moved to the East Coast to begin a masters program. I got a full-time job at the university where I had enrolled in order to cut back on tuition costs, and I signed up for classes part-time. (I had refused to take out more student loans and was figuring out the financials for myself.) When I made the move out east, mom went with […]

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The Parenting Mantra: I Am Tired

“I am tired.” That was on constant repeat in my mind for the first year of my life as a mom: Sitting on the couch for feedings…every 3 hours for at least a half hour… “I am tired.” Showering…you know, every three days or so… “I am tired.” Putting on makeup…my 5-minute rush job of concealer, powder, blush, mascara… “I am tired.” Driving… “Why are there so many bad drivers in this […]

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