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Fear Has A New Face, and It’s A (Not So) Scary Cat

One of my son’s current go-to books is “CAT” by Matthew Van Fleet. While my son meows at the various cats pictured in the book, pets the different fur textures, and pulls tabs that move paws or tails, I am marveling at how many cat idioms exist and are cleverly portrayed within its pages. Of all of the fine felines highlighted within the book, my personal favorite is the “Scary cat”. […]

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The Parenting Mantra: I Am Tired

“I am tired.” That was on constant repeat in my mind for the first year of my life as a mom: Sitting on the couch for feedings…every 3 hours for at least a half hour… “I am tired.” Showering…you know, every three days or so… “I am tired.” Putting on makeup…my 5-minute rush job of concealer, powder, blush, mascara… “I am tired.” Driving… “Why are there so many bad drivers in this […]

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Sometimes I Think

I’ve started cleaning out a room in the basement. You know the room. It’s the one where empty boxes and old sporting equipment get added to the stack of unpacked moving boxes that you’ve never gotten to even though you’ve lived in your house for years. In my case, I even have some surprise boxes and totes full of childhood memorabilia that my mother keeps sneaking over to “the room”. […]

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