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Find Your People

Perhaps the biggest quest in life is to find the person(s) to whom you can take anything safely, knowing that your deepest fears, darkest thoughts, most human of actions won’t be judged, ridiculed, or shamed. Chances are you’ve already belabored yourself under these weighty burdens. The truth is, we all carry varying shades and degrees of our own darkness with us. Therefore, do not be shamed by something that makes […]

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This Thing Called Life

I’ve been spending my spare time this week changing settings on my Facebook page to accommodate followers. I’m also prepping for some appearance changes to my blog. I look forward to minutes when I can sit down with my computer and focus on this aspect of my life. It excites me, and I feel good about it. We’re winding down on what has been a long work month for my […]

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Staying Afloat in This Sea of Life

It happened again yesterday. Something that was frequent as a young adult, but has lessened over time. I was in a situation where I felt emotionally unsafe, and all I wanted to do in response? Was go home and hang out with my son. He’s only two, so obviously, as a young adult, it wasn’t my son I was running to. Back in my college days, I wanted to retreat […]

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Joy In Every Journey

There is joy in every journey. It’s a blanket statement, and it’s true. Let me show you how. “Journey” contains the word “joy”, and, without scrambling the remaining letters, also contains the word “urne”, the Middle English equivalent of “urn”. The positioning of the words is where it gets interesting – “urn” is centered within the word “journey” surrounded always by “joy”. When I hear the word “urn” I think […]

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Making Memories Doesn’t End With Death

Have you ever noticed how many condolence cards talk about looking back on memories made…be thankful for the memories…hold on to the memories… Those cards don’t jive with me. There’s too much of a finality to the sentiment. He’s dead. I’m sorry. Happy memorializing. Period. Sign, stamp, send. Yes, I have memories of dad. And guess what? The memories didn’t end with his life. Five years ago my dad died […]

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