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Dependent and Independent

“Mommy, come join us.” He’ll say, wanting me to sit next to him. Play these days involves me sitting and observing only. “Mommy, Noooo!!!” He insists if I reach for a toy. Being kept from playful participation AND productivity around the house – I could be cleaning up right now! – can feel like a forced timeout. He wants me close, but not too close. So there I sit (for a […]

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This Thing Called Life

I’ve been spending my spare time this week changing settings on my Facebook page to accommodate followers. I’m also prepping for some appearance changes to my blog. I look forward to minutes when I can sit down with my computer and focus on this aspect of my life. It excites me, and I feel good about it. We’re winding down on what has been a long work month for my […]

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Enjoy It

The “enjoy it” sentiment is thrown out to parents of small children with the casualness and regularity of the phrase “have a good day”, troublesome as it may be. I took it to mean that I should enjoy every single everything about mothering, and I viewed it as an achievable feat. As it turns out, it’s an unrealistic ideal. There. I said it. I was stretched as thin as I […]

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