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An Airing of Grievances for Goodness’ Sake!

It all started about three hours after my surgery. I ran my tongue along the gums of my bottom jaw and felt the telltale peel-back of skin. For some reason, I’m “difficult to intubate” resulting in getting scraped clear to the bone with the intubation tube somewhere in the process. It’s happened once before, during a finger surgery, nine years ago. I felt the hole in my gum and mentally […]

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Introducing The Light Series

When life delivers dark circumstances, we have the ability to bring light, either for ourselves or for one another. __________________________ In one week, I’ll be launching The Light Series on CTJ. It’s a different approach than my usual installments in that the stories won’t be about me, nor will my opinion surface. Instead, I’ll be sharing someone else’s story. Each will begin with an unfortunate, undesirable, or terrible experience that turns […]

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