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Key Ingredients to Healing from Surgery

My body feels really good. Surprisingly good for what it’s been through. My soreness is nearly gone. That is to say, the soreness that changes how I function – move, breathe, sleep – is nearly gone. Plus, I’m over the healing hump – scaled that bruiser yesterday. Unfortunately, feeling better physically doesn’t equate to being better. I learned that the hard way this morning when I watched Miller by myself for […]

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Supporting Children For Who They Are (not who we think they should be)

Leaving Target yesterday, another mom said to me, “I like his nails,” referring to Miller’s fingernail polish. “Thanks,” I responded smiling. “He likes having them painted.” “My son was the same way,” she said gesturing to a boy who looked to be around 9. “He still likes getting pedicures.” I’ve witnessed only a few people chide Miller for wearing polish, because “it’s for girls”, to which I smile and say, […]

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