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Find Your People

Perhaps the biggest quest in life is to find the person(s) to whom you can take anything safely, knowing that your deepest fears, darkest thoughts, most human of actions won’t be judged, ridiculed, or shamed. Chances are you’ve already belabored yourself under these weighty burdens. The truth is, we all carry varying shades and degrees of our own darkness with us. Therefore, do not be shamed by something that makes […]

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A Little “Operation Game” To Regain Center

For being full of grace and understanding toward others, I sure can be hard on myself. When I’m having an “off” day – caught up in thought (aka distracted), frazzled, irritated, or generally blah – in between sessions of bemoaning my humanness, I’ll spend my spare time beating myself up over it. It becomes a real sparring match between me and my snarky side, and it goes a little something […]

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A Brief Note On Grief

It’s difficult seeing clearly when viewing life through the clouded eyes of grief. Whether you’ve lost a loved one recently or whether it’s been years or decades and the veil that’s clouding your vision still hasn’t lifted, perhaps it’s time to take matters into your own hands. External circumstances (i.e., death) put the veil in place; internal efforts are what lift it. At some point, you get used to grief. […]

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Fear Has A New Face, and It’s A (Not So) Scary Cat

One of my son’s current go-to books is “CAT” by Matthew Van Fleet. While my son meows at the various cats pictured in the book, pets the different fur textures, and pulls tabs that move paws or tails, I am marveling at how many cat idioms exist and are cleverly portrayed within its pages. Of all of the fine felines highlighted within the book, my personal favorite is the “Scary cat”. […]

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