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Podcast: “Time, Schedules, Stay at Home Myths and More!”

I recently had the opportunity to be the guest speaker on Jenny G. Perry’s podcast Goddess and Gab discussing “Time, Schedules, Stay at Home Myths and More!”. An excerpt from the podcast: “Time is completely universal. It’s applicable to us all. It’s constant. It’s steady whether you like it or not, for all ages and stages in life. I remember being in high school in English class right after lunch […]

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Stay At Home, Mom!

My husband has given me the best gift to date: Three straight nights in my house all by myself. It’s the first time since before my son was born that I’ve slept in our house without him. It wasn’t my plan, going into parenthood, to not have a free night at home for so long. I’m one of those paradoxical outgoing introverts, a party-going homebody, who can mingle with just […]

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Relief from a Sick Day

I came down with something nasty in the night and have been in bed ever since, with the exception of some runs to the bathroom. Thankfully, Mark was able to stay home from work today in order to relieve me of my parental responsibilities. This is one of those bugs that I can’t power through. I got a quick hello from Miller when he awoke for the day, and, after […]

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