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Human Highlights

I’m launching something new with Commode To Joy. Every Sunday I am going to post my Human Highlights of the week here and on my social media pages. (Follow me on Instagram and Facebook if you haven’t already.) My “Human Moment” will feature something along the lines of a frustration, flaw, or flat out failure that I either caused or experienced during the week. The “Highlight” will be whatever made me […]

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Being Positive While Being Real

At some point early in life I developed this habit of complaining about anything and everything. If something went “wrong” or happened in a less than perfect, efficient, helpful, productive manner, I would be sure to point out any and all errors, deficiencies, oversights, and incompetencies. I remember having a phone conversation with my dad when I was a senior in college. After coming up for air from a 5-minute […]

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Having a Widowed Parent

Part of having a widowed parent is going to their house not to relax, but to help. Replace old batteries, unload the dishwasher, kill spiders, hang pictures. Whatever it is that needs to be done? Do it. Take the time to help. But take heed. Helping from a duty-bound place of obligation or pity can lead to resentment. Resentment that you “have” to help. Resentment that you’re the kid filling […]

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From Sadmiration To Admiration

Do you ever catch yourself slipping  into “story mode” by rehashing a difficult time or a personal injustice? It could be about anything – health, finances, a former employer, an ex, or, in my case, parenting. Here lately, when asked how things are going with my son, I hear myself saying, “We’re in a really good groove.” It’s a true statement. I could stop there or elaborate on his awesomeness. Instead, I […]

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