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5 Reasons to Vacation with Your Small Child

Vacationing with a small child is no easy feat. As if packing wasn’t hassle enough before having a kid, now you’re packing for another person. An infant, actually. And infants come with a lot of baggage. First are the clothes. Take extras, because you never know when junior will go vomitron or demonstrate the literal definition of a “shit storm”. Hint: Stay where washing machines and dryers are easily accessible […]

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Dependent and Independent

“Mommy, come join us.” He’ll say, wanting me to sit next to him. Play these days involves me sitting and observing only. “Mommy, Noooo!!!” He insists if I reach for a toy. Being kept from playful participation AND productivity around the house – I could be cleaning up right now! – can feel like a forced timeout. He wants me close, but not too close. So there I sit (for a […]

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Christmas Trees & Toddlers

This is my first Christmas with a toddler at home, and I have been filled with anticipation of seeing my son’s reaction to the lighted, decorated, sentimental, 8 foot masterpiece that is our Christmas tree. Fueled by eagerness and enthusiasm, the Christmas tree (it’s artificial) and all of our boxes of ornaments were brought up from the basement the day before Thanksgiving in an effort to maximize the amount of time that […]

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Joy Floats

When you point out a bundle of balloons tied to a produce stand to your balloon-loving child because you’re as interested in enjoying the moment with him as you are in buying groceries. When you blow a kiss to the produce stocker for voluntarily getting a courtesy balloon for your child and you realize that you’re blowing the kiss out of gratitude and not as a habitual farewell. When you […]

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