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Spell “Toddler” Using Two Letters. NO

“Do you want some cereal?” I asked as my son eyed my bowl of Crispix. “No.” He answered while grabbing a piece. His words and actions may seem contradictory, but are they? Clearly, yes, he wanted the cereal, but that’s not what he was saying no to. To me, his “no” was, “No mom, I don’t need you to offer the cereal to me in order for me to want […]

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5 Preparation Tips When Flying With A Toddler

Getting out the door in order to catch a flight can be more stressful than going through airport security, especially with a toddler in tow. In order to minimize the number of “I either need to scream or drink” moments during our travel days, I’ve identified 5 things to do the day before flying that streamline leaving the house while maintaining sanity. 1. Make breakfast the day before. When I’m […]

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