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5 Reasons to Vacation with Your Small Child

Vacationing with a small child is no easy feat. As if packing wasn’t hassle enough before having a kid, now you’re packing for another person. An infant, actually. And infants come with a lot of baggage. First are the clothes. Take extras, because you never know when junior will go vomitron or demonstrate the literal definition of a “shit storm”. Hint: Stay where washing machines and dryers are easily accessible […]

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5 Preparation Tips When Flying With A Toddler

Getting out the door in order to catch a flight can be more stressful than going through airport security, especially with a toddler in tow. In order to minimize the number of “I either need to scream or drink” moments during our travel days, I’ve identified 5 things to do the day before flying that streamline leaving the house while maintaining sanity. 1. Make breakfast the day before. When I’m […]

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