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Human Highlights: Breakables, Cake, & Playgrounds

Human Highlights is a weekly installment serving as a friendly reminder to forgive (and maybe laugh at) yourself for your human moments, to celebrate the highlights, and to enjoy life’s little lovelies in the interim. Human Moment: The condo we’re staying in is a step back in time to the early 90s, decorated with a glam grandma flare. In other words, lots of pastels, florals, and knick knacks. You might […]

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Love Winks

How do you receive love winks? If you believe that someone or something is on the other side looking out for you, how do you experience that love? One of the ways I experience it is through numbers. I see 44 on a jersey, I say hi to my angels. I see 4:44 and say an excited prayer of thanks to God. The bingo caller says “N 44!”, and I […]

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Human Highlights: Parking Pickle & Sheer Excitement

Human Moment: We’re down in Sunny Florida. The condo’s outdoor parking spots are separated by poles that support the roof. You can already see what’s coming, right? While backing our rental car out of the parking spot yesterday, I pushed the accelerator and started to turn the wheel. Boom! Stupid bleeping pole. I highly recommend the Ford Explorer. Not a dent, a scratch, or even the slightest indication that the […]

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The Power of Choice

What’s with all of the thoughtless conditions that adults put on children? At Target today Miller picked out a toy guitar that he played with in the cart while I shopped. When the woman at the checkout finished ringing up our purchases, she walked the guitar around to Miller and said, “You can have this, but you’ll have to sit down first.” There was no reason for him to sit […]

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Human Highlights: Kitchen Catastrophes, A Family Heirloom, & Mr. Potato Head

Human Moment: This past week I’ve broken my stockpot, my crock pot lid, and burned myself on a baking sheet all while cooking. Thank God for carryout. Highlight: My son is a bit of a touch-me-not. Much like the stereotypical cat, he’ll approach me for a little bit of lovin (usually right after he wakes up) and then he’s set for a while. He gives air kisses and lean-in side […]

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