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“Taking Flight” – CTJ Featured on Positively Positive

Good morning CommodeToJoy-ers! It’s a big day here – Jamie (that’s me!) is being featured on PositivelyPositive, a blog about, well, isn’t it obvious? How fitting that a gal who writes about joy found a spot on a positivity page!

Two weeks ago to the day, I submitted a short essay, “Taking Flight”, to PositivelyPositive for publication consideration. I received the acceptance email last week, and today it’s live on their site.

Back in November, I got to see my name in print, as a published writer – and regular contributor – for the Decatur Magazine. Now, two months later, I’m living another huge milestone: Being featured on a major blog site.

The momentum is building; my dreams are materializing; the excitement is electric.

Thanks for being a part of this journey with me. For the follows, likes, and shares. For the comments and encouraging words. If it weren’t for you, this would be a virtual journal, party of one.

Let’s keep the momentum going. Keep spreading the word. And always remember that when you’re stuck on the metaphorical commode, look a little closer and find the Ode To Joy. It’s there, every single time, waiting for you to notice it.

As for today? I’m not on the commode, nor do I have to search for an ode. Today, it’s visible on a huge forum for the world to see.

All the love – All the best – All my thanks,

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