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The Birthday Riddle

“What do you want for your birthday?”

It’s the great birthday riddle that is often countered with an even more puzzling response: “Oh, I don’t need anything.”

If you’re wondering what to get someone for their birthday, maybe I can help.

Spend some time with them, even if it’s sitting on the couch or taking a walk together. Time is of great value. Give them a card, or flowers, or a glazed donut – something physical. It shows that you care. A little something that says, “Hey, I was thinking of you, and you know what? I like you.” Shoot, you could even write that verbatim on a post-it note and it would count. Sentimental words are more than acceptable as a birthday gift. Hug them like you mean it, sing to them with gusto (no matter how awful your singing voice is), and if the opportunity arises, always do the dishes for them.

I have a feeling there is a universal gift that we all want for each of our birthdays: Love.

The birthday riddle isn’t really that puzzling after all.


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