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This Thing Called Life

I’ve been spending my spare time this week changing settings on my Facebook page to accommodate followers. I’m also prepping for some appearance changes to my blog. I look forward to minutes when I can sit down with my computer and focus on this aspect of my life. It excites me, and I feel good about it.

We’re winding down on what has been a long work month for my husband. (At some point, long hours at work become long hours at home.) This week I have babysitters scheduled more than usual. I’ve said “yes” to some opportunities to hang with girlfriends, and that feels really good.

I keep coming back to the notion that “it” (life) is not supposed to be hard – a very contrary notion to the sentiment that “life is hard“. When I feel my patience thinning at home, why not schedule a couple of breaks to refresh? When I have downtime, why not spend it doing something I enjoy rather than focusing solely on my adult responsibilities? Why not allow myself to do some things simply because it feels good?

Life is many things and everything all at once.
It can feel like too much and it can leave me wanting for more.
It can be easy, it can be hard, and it can be all sorts of adjectives in between.

So what is life “supposed” to be? Whatever we make it, I suppose.

Sipping Tea

Enjoying tea and time back home with my boy. After a quick break to CrossFit, I feel refreshed on so many levels.

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