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finding happy (even in the crappy)

Unbridled Joy

I have this image in my mind of joy being a gorgeous horse with a long flowing mane. She flicks her tail in a “come and get me” way that is both daring and inviting.

This joy can’t be bridled or saddled. You can’t harness her, for she is not meant to be steered. She’s not even meant to be tamed. She is meant to be trusted – to do the navigating – the exploring – if you’re curious enough – willing enough – to follow.

It is your job to find her.

She is available to you, but she does not answer to you. She is not a workhorse.

She won’t fall into tired old routines nor will she harp at you for attention. She is not a nag.

She doesn’t just graze in one pasture her entire life. She is forever free, moving from place to place from interest to interest.

Ask yourself – where is joy today?

Is she playing with your kids and whinnying for your participation?
Drop the dishcloth and go.

Is she out with friends at the watering trough waiting for you to say yes to that invitation?
Grab your keys and go.

Is she lying in the grass beckoning you to take a break?
Go and rest.

You don’t have to have joy to live your life, but you do need joy to live a meaningful life.
So go. Find your joy. She’s fun. She’s intriguing. She’s unbridled. And she’s always willing to take you along for a ride.


Uinta National Forest in Utah. My first “real” horse ride. Her name was Apple.

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