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Vacation – Welcome Home

Normal day-to-day life takes place in the mind – the command center – the corporate office. It oversees all activity, carrying out responsibilities, both making and meeting demands.

Maybe the mind checks in on the heart and soul, stopping outside their door to say hello from time to time. But so often, responsibility interrupts, cutting them both off mid-sentiment. Back to work.

Vacation is when the mind is able to take time off. Away from responsibility. Away from demands. It’s not a destination; it’s a state of mind. The offices are closed. The motherboard is switched off. The exit signs glow orangish-red in otherwise empty hallways. Everything is still. Silent. Including the persistent buzz of fluorescent lights.

Instead, everything is illuminated in the heart center. It’s a flurry of excitement that embraces you in warm welcome. After hours becomes all hours of the day and night. Everywhere you look are clean waters of ease, convenience, hospitality, and happiness.

It’s an unplug and also a plugging in.

It’s called vacation. But really, it’s a welcome home.

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