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When The Going Gets Tough, Get Grateful

Mark left for a golf trip Sunday. Since then, I’ve blown through hella tissue with a helluva head cold, and now? You guessed it. The boy has it.

Yesterday, after Miller’s nap, he, mom, and I were going to load up and go to Bloomington for the night. The plan was hotel drop off, the mall for a carousel ride, dinner, and then back to the hotel for swimming or bed jumping or a combination of both. Instead, Miller woke up from his nap early running a temperature.

It’s way easier being sick than having a sick kid. I’d rather muscle through an illness myself than watch Miller’s eyes water from painful coughs.

You’d think I’d be eagerly awaiting Mark’s arrival home, right? Wrong. I told him to extend his trip by a day to stay away from this germicide. No sense in him getting it too. But of course, he’ll come home tonight as originally planned. (I love you Mark.)

I’ve washed the sheets. I’ll uncross my fingers long enough to wash and then recross them in the hopes that Mark avoids the funk.

In the meantime, let’s talk about a little strategy for when things don’t go according to plan:

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In that spirit, here’s a little list of things I’ve been grateful for this week.

1. Tissue. Tissue, tissue, and one more box of tissue.

Once, in college, I attended an education class in the dead of winter with a fierce head cold and zero tissue. The class was held in a building without a bathroom, so no toilet paper to save the day. Because I was a freshman and terrified of getting in trouble, I sat through class rather than leaving, and used both of my gloves to clean up snot. I started by blowing into the glove’s opening. When both of those filled, I blew into the palm of the glove, and then folded a finger down for the next round. I made it to the last pinkie when class dismissed. That’s a true (albeit gross) story.

So yeah, tissue. I’m thankful for tissue.

2. Night cream. I have this old tube of Mary Kay extra emollient night cream that’s who knows how old and still going. No really, it was my dad’s so it’s at least nearly eight years old (and still not rancid…what’s that say about its contents?). Whatever. I’ve been smearing that stuff all over my rubbed-raw nose, and it helps a lot.

3. The receptionist at the Fairfield Inn in Bloomington who canceled our reservation without charging me a cent (despite canceling the same day).

4. My Mom. She’s been at the house every day since Mark left. She even spent the night one night just because. She made beef vegetable soup last night that I’m still eating on, and she stayed at the house today so I could complete an interview for the Decatur Magazine. All hail Grandmothers. Especially the ones who are hands on and involved. Momma, when you read this (cause you’re cool and subscribed to my blog), thank you.

That’s it. That’s all I’m coming up with. Four little things.

But little snippets of gratitude, even over things like double-ply tissue, lead back to joy. Even when things aren’t going your way. Even when you’re sick. Even when your kid’s sick. It’s okay.

Has the week gone how I envisioned it? No.

Has it still been a good week? Yep. It sure has.

And for that? I’ll add one more item to my grateful list.


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  1. I’m grateful for many things:
    A space heater, fleece pajamas, hot chocolate… I have resolved that I. WILL. NOT. BE. SICK! So far so good. I hope you all recover quickly and have chased the germs far far away from your home (but not so far that they end up at my house)!!

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