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Words Talk – Energy Speaks

Words are just words. Some people say what they mean. Others sugarcoat. Sometimes a person’s wires are so crossed that they couldn’t give you a straight answer if they wanted to. So maybe pay a little less attention to the words and give a little more attention to the energy behind the words. That’s where the gold is.

Sometimes it’s obvious gold – you hear it and it feels like a warm balm spreading throughout your insides. Soak it up.

Other times it’s coal disguised as gold – the words are what you like to hear, but they make your skin crawl or your eyebrows raise. Don’t be fooled by the niceties. Pay attention.

Or maybe it’s gold that’s been horribly packaged – the unsolicited critique, or the offensive remark. Did the words hit you like bricks? Did they sting on impact? A lot of people get stuck at this point in the “I can’t believe they said that,” or the “Who do they think they are?” space. There is still gold to be found, but you have to work in order to uncover it. Move the chunks of rubble and pull out the bits of debris. Do you see it? There it is. The gold. Pick up your newfound gift, say thank you, and walk away.

Words are just words. It’s energy that speaks volumes. Are you listening?

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